Shaun Stenning — Things to Know About Investing in Your 30s

Shaun Stenning said, “Did you think you would be researching investment strategies at this point in your life? When you reach your thirties, the game begins to change when it comes to your finances. You’re no longer in the joy ride of your twenties, where retirement seemed so distant.}

Your thirties are the time to get serious about building a solid financial foundation for the rest of your life. Don’t fret if you’re a little bit behind, it’s not too late to get going. Time really is still on your side.

According to Shaun Stenning “Life gets serious in your 30s, a decade when the decisions that are made — family, career, as well as saving and investing for retirement — can have a major impact for years to come.”

“Some like to say that your 20s is the best time of your life. While that can be true for your social life, your 30s are really where it’s at financially.” Shaun Stenning said.

Here are some tips from Shaun Stenning that can help you catch up and start building a strong, secure financial future.

1. Build an emergency fund

The most important thing you can do before researching all the investment strategies on the planet is to set up a savings account and keep some extra cash in it. This is going to be there just in case of an emergency.

2. Establish a routine for retirement saving

Chances are, you probably don’t want to work forever. So that means you should do your 65-year-old future self a favor and set up a retirement fund if you haven’t already done so.

3. Plan separately for major purchases

Since each goal is so different with respect to its time horizons and the amount of money required, it’s helpful to set up separate plans to reach each one.

4. Pay attention to fees

It’s better to start your investing strategies now than to ignore them forever.

5. Invest in quality life insurance

A decent policy can help pay off your mortgage and provide assets for your survivors to live off of; definitely, a base that you want to make sure you have covered.

Your thirties are the time to start getting serious about your financial future. Yes, a lot of people probably still tell you that you are young, but you know that it’s not always going to be that way.



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