Shaun Stenning said, A good morning routine can really set the productivity tone for the rest of the day. Some days you’re dialed into every detail: cooking a big breakfast, experimenting with new hairstyles, trying to meditate.

“While a great morning moment can feel pretty magical, there’s more to the perfectly productive day than mystical forces at work. A morning routine that leads to productivity is in fact a science that you can implement in your own life.” Shaun Stenning said.

According to Shaun Stenning “If I’m a mess in the morning, I feel like I spend the rest of the day trying to catch up. If I am able to be intentional about my mornings, though, the rest of my day tends to go more smoothly as well.”

Everyone will have a different morning routine that works for them, their circumstances, and their stage of life. But is there a right way to have a productive morning? Does it really lie in a morning ritual and healthy breakfast?

Let’s dive into the details of these great routine habits, and how successful people get a routine to stick day in, day out.

1. Wake Up At YOUR Right Time
We’ve all heard that morning people are the high achievers: “You’ve got to be part of the 5 am alarm club!

2. Eliminate Decision-Making Tasks In The Morning
According to Shaun Stenning, Sometimes the best way to have a productive morning is to get a head start on it the night before. Make it a habit!

3. Create A Morning Routine To Focus Your Mind
The best thing you can do to be productive is to create your ideal morning routine.

4. Move Around And Hydrate
When you feel great, it will make it all that much easier to handle that alarm. You might not be excited about the idea of a morning workout.

5. Eat The Frog Or Tadpoles
After you get your personal morning routine organized, it’s time to take action for a productive day.

Remember that if you can work through the somewhat painful moments of waking up earlier than you’d like, once you get moving and get started on your positive morning routine, you’ll feel great. And, the purpose of the morning routine is that it will help you feel better throughout the rest of the day too!